shhh…. can you hear it?

shhh… I want to share something with you.  

You will probably have to be really, really quiet to hear it… 

but, if you listen closely…  

It’s the melody of peace, joy and contentment and it has been playing its symphony all day around here.  

It’s the harmony of three children gathered around the table for Bible and Greek (an upcoming review that we are LOVING!) this morning.

It’s the solo sounds of each one working on their own individual assignments.

It’s the melodious laughing as they now each play with a friend… three extra kids’ voices blending in the mix.

It’s the sweet sounds of encouragement of a dear sister in Christ this afternoon.

It’s the notes of fall in the air… the warm sunshine and the cool breeze.

It’s all this…

…and so much more…
blending into a perfectly harmonious day.  

Thank You LORD!

Can you hear it?
Categories faith, parenting

2 thoughts on “shhh…. can you hear it?

  1. things have been far from harmonious this week around here. . .it isn't hard to hear the discord!!Enjoy the harmony!

  2. I can hear it, even from afar!! Thank you for sharing what a quiet day the LORD has given you. I'm thanking Him for other things…like what He's teaching me in all of the unquiet we've had here. 🙂 I love those "perfectly harmonious" days when they do come, though.

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