Simple Woman’s Daybook…

It’s been a while since I linked up with The Simple Woman’s Daybook and today seemed like a great day to join in…

For today, September 28, 2010…

Outside my window… 

…it’s the last of a beautiful, soaking rain from last night.  

I am thinking… 

…of how thankful I am for two slow days in a row!  
This is what I found when I went to take the sheets off of my bed… 
apparently Ebony is thankful for slow days as well.

From the learning rooms…

…with one in bed with an upset tummy and another congested with a cold, it’s pajama day at school today!  I love seeing my kids snuggled under blankets 
working on their school work!

From the kitchen… 

…the aroma of sourdough bread baking.

I am wearing… 
…jeans, an old long sleeved white tee and 
a very old comfy fleece shirt.  
Seriously, I bought this fleece shirt when I was expecting Emme
…almost 12 years ago!  I still love it!!  
After I run to the store today, 
I am seriously considering putting my pj’s back on… 
it’s just that kind of day.

I am creating… 

…if I were diligent, I could say I am creating a cross-stitch blanket 
for my new niece or nephew due to arrive at the end of December.  
I haven’t been very diligent and thus, it isn’t very far along.  
Perhaps I should add this to my list of things to do today…

I am going… 
…to the store.  
We are almost out of dishwasher soap 
and I highly dislike washing dishes by hand.

I am reading…

…The Wrecker by Clive Cussler.  
Love, love, love reading Cussler.  
He has written over 40 books and I have read most of them.  
Nothing better to do than read on a rainy day!

I am hoping…
…I have so many hopes and dreams.  
Thankfully, I serve a God who is the God of Hope!  
Today my heart hopes and prays that my children 
grow up to be people who love the LORD their God 
with all of their heart, their mind, their soul 
and love their neighbor as themselves.  
I don’t think I could hope for anything better.

I am hearing…

…the snap, crackle and pop of bread cooling
and Ellen rummaging through the “junk drawer”
looking for a screwdriver…
not sure why!
(I think a drawer of odds and ends in the kitchen
is one of those “universal” things…
it seems everyone has one)

Around the house…
…aside from Ellen digging frantically
for a screwdriver, it seems to be
a quiet day around here.
Currently, Eric is helping her replace
batteries for her microphone 
so that she can be the Diva!

One of my favorite things…
… is quiet, rainy days
just like today!

A few plans for the rest of the week…
…depending on how everyone is feeling,
the kids have art lessons & homeschool cooperative.
Emme has volunteer time at the library and
Eric has two art classes to teach and a 5th grader 
to tutor in math.
Chad and I have a date this week
and the family is participating in another 5K!

…this is why I savor slow days!
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1 thought on “Simple Woman’s Daybook…

  1. I dearly miss rainy days. I love listening to the pitter patter of rain on the window.Lazy, pajama days are so much fun! Sorry to hear that you have some kiddos under the weather. Feel better soon!

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