he takes my breath away…

I’ve been struck lately at how fast time flies..
and how slowly my heart and mind keep the pace.

I look at my children every single day…
but do I really see them?

My heart sees this…
and my mind agrees…


my vision is faulty 
and my perception is skewed

this is the new reality
and I can barely keep up.

so much less the child
and more the man

I say “no” less
and “I don’t know”more
less black and white
and a lot more gray

parenting is now about 
heart’s issues… heart’s cries

I thought this road of parenting
would get easier as we journeyed…

it’s just a different kind of hard

I don’t know how to do this…
I only know he takes my breath away

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1 thought on “he takes my breath away…

  1. Aw, you just about made me cry! 😦 but it would have been because I know exactly what you mean.. time is precious…so precious.

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