a plum-tickled kind of day…


I love to wake up to the sound of rain!  It’s one of life’s simple pleasures that I truly enjoy… and it usually helps make a really great day!

This rainy, cool morning was our second family 5K.  Because her foot is still droopy, Ellen didn’t participate (she had a MUCH more enjoyable time spending the night at Mallory’s house!).  

The other three started out of the gates much faster than I but I eventually caught up to Emme.  I didn’t really train for this race but thought I was going so much faster because I didn’t have Ellen… have to listen to Ellen complain… have to carry Ellen… etc… etc.  

Come to find out… not much faster.  I bettered my time by a minute but still have a ways to go before I win any races… my body is screaming at my right now but it was so worth it!  Might be a good idea to train a little ahead of time next time though….

After a quick shower at home, I got Girls’ Lunch Out…

The LORD has blessed me some incredible friendships that have stood the test of time.  Because life gets in the way, I don’t always have time to catch up with these dear women.  Ami and I have walked life together for a while now and I love that woman as if she were my own flesh and blood sister.   Today we were blessed with a day to catch up on each other’s lives.

She picked me up for lunch and took me to her favorite “off the beaten path” hideout… Pickles.  For years, I have occasionally driven right past this place and didn’t even know it existed. 

After a lunch (on the porch at Pickles) of butternut squash and apple soup that was divine and a turkey and cranberry panini with provolone, cream cheese and chives, spinach and artichoke hearts that was amazing… I am plum-tickled to not only know that Pickles exists but also to have been invited by Ami to her favorite “off the beaten path” hideout.

Pickles is the kind of place you can wander to… to escape life for a little while.  It’s quiet. It’s quaint. And, I’m not supposed to give away Ami’s secret, so you didn’t hear this from me…

if you ever want to go to Pickles…

you’ll find it in Plumtickled!

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1 thought on “a plum-tickled kind of day…

  1. This sounds like you had good times. And your photos are wonderful!I tagged you in a game of get to know-http://www.nlfamily.net/2010/10/tag-im-it.html

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