so much to say and no words…

My heart is overflowing with thoughts and ideas I want to share.  I have so much to say… but I can’t find the words…

I want to tell you about watching my children camp and interact with their grandparents… to be able to articulate the love between the generations…. I’d love to be able to give words to the lessons my children are learning from Mama and Papa…

I wish I had the ability to communicate my feelings sitting on this abandoned stump on the western shores of Lake Michigan… contemplating how great my God is and how miniscule I am….

I would love to be able to tell you the joy I have homeschooling my children, ages 13, 11 and 7, and watching then learn and discover together….

I would also talk to you about this path… actually, more like tell you about walking this path with my mom… I’ve been her daughter for 41 years and she still teaches me much.  On this day, the lesson was on parenting and how it never gets easy….

… and then there are my thoughts about this walkway to this lighthouse… you see, it’s kind of dangerous… on a calm day not horribly so but still you must watch your step.  As the seven of us, spanning 3 generations, journeyed out to this little lighthouse, I was reminded of our walk of life…

It’s dangerous… we have to watch our steps… however, because all 7 of us have accepted redemption through the blood of Jesus Christ… it isn’t horribly dangerous… He is the calm that holds the storms at bay… He is the One who catches us when we stumble… and with Him we bloom regardless of where He plants us.

I’m humbled at how blessed I am…

…I just don’t know how to say all the thoughts in my heart.

Categories camping, faith, parenting

4 thoughts on “so much to say and no words…

  1. I love your words, Heidi! Such humility and awe at the goodness of our God. Thanks for sharing and being a temple of praise for Him.

  2. love the photos. . .My kids are so very excited too. Lydia is doubly excited because Sunday is her big day. . .so I told her we could make a chain to count down the days. She keeps asking me when we are going to make her "belt" so she can know when her birthday is!

  3. You have a way of expressing SO MUCH with so few words – it's a gift. This post brought tears to my eyes. 🙂 You are blessed, Heidi, and you are a blessing to me.

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