free HLA membership!

**note… I’m not getting anything from HLA for passing along this info… I’m just letting you all know because I’m just that kind of nice…

For years Chad and I have debated on whether we should join a homeschool legal group.  We’ve never faced any legal issues and Indiana is a very homeschool friendly state but an attorney friend once told us that it would be smart to join and have legal representation if we ever needed it.

Today I was catching up on some blog reading and came across my blogging friend, and fellow crew member, Blossom’s post on a free 1 year membership to HLA.  I don’t know how long this code will last but here’s how to get your free legal representation for a year…

~Go to and click “join today”
~Fill out the simple application… no credit card required!
~choose “membership with code”
~use the code CLA
~that’s it!  Sign in with your username and password

Click here to see all the benefits of an HLA membership.

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1 thought on “free HLA membership!

  1. I actually received a free membership in March through Home Educating Magazine with a subscription. I haven't had to use their services yet but it gives me peace of mind to carry the card and know that if something comes up, I have someone to turn to- that knows what they're doing!And thanks for the link 🙂

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