pictures of grace…

My sister finds the neatest blogs to follow.  I love reading about who she has found in the blogging world.  Today I’m joining in a linky party that she has joined in.  Years ago, she may have accused me of copying her… today, though, I’m hoping for some grace…

Emily at chattingatthesky is hosting snapshots of grace-a linky party.  Emily has asked those who want to participate to link up a photo or series of photos that represent grace to each of us….

undeserved merit or favor…

God’s grace is as faithful to me as a sunrise…
somedays hidden behind storm clouds
not to be seen by my own eyes
yet felt by my heart and
sensed in my soul…
without fail day in and day out

Grace has been given to me by others 
along the narrow way…
sometimes cheering me on,
sometimes joining me in the narrow path,
sometimes praying me through the tight spots

Grace by a friend
is there in the pain of life,
not flinching at the sight of my
beaten and battered soul
but gracefully and 
faithfully loving me through the pain

aside from God’s grace,
the greatest grace is given in families
journeying life together
year in…year out…
life seasoned with love, laughter
and a lot of grace!
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6 thoughts on “pictures of grace…

  1. What gorgeous pictures!

  2. glad you joined in. . .and glad there is enough grace to go around!BTW. . .love the new header!

  3. Love your header, Heidi! Lovely and encouraging post!

  4. A lovely, grace-filled and graceful post. Beautiful photos!

  5. My sister always finds the best blogs, too. And I totally copy her all the time. What else are little sisters for? :)These photos are fantastic. And your words are as well. So glad you found us today, and even more glad you joined in. Thanks!

  6. Love the Bible and coffee shot. The best way to start the day!

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