Yuck!… TOS Crew Review

What’s in your bucket?


Thanks to Buckets-o-Fun, I had 4 samples of Yuck in my bucket to review for The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew.

Yuck products are fun projects that are essentially various types of slime.  They are made from acrylic polymer and Buckets-o-Fun sells 4 different types… 

chunky yuck which when mixed with water resembles machine ice cubes
saucy yuck which we think resembles applesauce
snowy yuck which looks just like it’s name
sticky yuck which we agree with Buckets-o-Fun, this one looks like snot!

When I received my samples in the mail to review, the first person I thought of was my 12 year old nephew, Jake.  Jake loves to watch the reactions of things and I thought he would be a blast to create Yuck with, so I emailed Jake and asked for his help.  Because he’s such a great kid, he was more than willing to help and I took my Yuck along on our camping trip to create it with Jake and the rest of the cousins. 

After creating all four samples, here are Jake’s thoughts…
         The snowy yuck looks like snow but it is kind of slimy.  The sticky yuck is very sticky.  It does feel like snot and it doesn’t wipe off my hands easily (in fact, it took a while to wash it off).  I might purchase the snowy yuck.  If you want to buy the sticky yuck, you might want to do it outside because it is hard to clean up.

After trying all four samples we had some other thoughts as well…
~we would like to see a little more science explanation included with Yuck.  Since we were camping, we didn’t have internet access and I did not investigate polymers ahead of time to be completely prepared.  I think most teachers and homeschool moms would appreciate having the research done for them and included with the product.
~the Chunky Yuck takes 24 hours to complete… anything that takes longer than 5 minutes is really too long.  We lost interest watching it.
~all four samples were the same color.  We think it would be helpful if the different dry Yuck products could be different colors so that we could tell them apart as they were developing.  However, once each type was fully developed we had no difficulty distinguishing between the sticky yuck and the saucy yuck.
~creating Yuck in a small group worked well.  I can’t imagine how it would work in a traditional school classroom, though.  It would be difficult to keep the mess down with more children involved.

A bucket of Yuck costs anywhere from $16 to $20 for one pound.  While I think it was fun to try Yuck, I can’t imagine, as a homeschool mom, why I would ever buy an entire pound of it.  

However, Buckets-o-Fun offers free samples and I would definitely recommend anyone requesting a sample to try for themselves.  Who knows?  Maybe you’ll find Yuck in your bucket!

Click here to see what other TOS Crew members thought of Yuck.

**disclaimer… I was sent a free sample of this product for my honest review.  I received no other compensation.

thanks Jake!
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2 thoughts on “Yuck!… TOS Crew Review

  1. It's fun to see the different takes on Yuck by different moms. I could totally see myself buying a big old bucket of this (not the sticky) Yuck for my daughter and her friends.I would have never thought about taking it on a camping trip. That would have kept my girl busy. šŸ˜‰

  2. I really appreciate you being so honest about this instead of going on about how it great it was when you really didn't think it was. šŸ™‚

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