this Tuesday unwrapped…

Small gifts He has let me unwrap today…

~an early morning text full of prayers and love from those we love

~prayer over the phone with my kindred spirit this morning
~comments full of love and prayers from those I have yet to meet face to face
~prayers lifted on behalf of my beloved
~snuggling in with the 7 year old as she read to me just minutes after I prayed on her behalf (I honestly prayed because I didn’t know how to teach her to read)
~sweet prayer with my kids this morning
~a quiet morning of school (this really reads… NO COMPLAINING!)
~a heart full of an attitude of gratitude
~peace and joy in my journey today

I discovered Emily’s Tuesday Unwrapped this morning and couldn’t help but join in on a day that He is showering me with small gifts.
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4 thoughts on “this Tuesday unwrapped…

  1. am praying. . .glad you saw the gifts today!

  2. Yay for gifts! You scooped this morning! ❤

  3. Sounds like you had a very blessed morning. Isn't it awesome (in the original sense of the word– full of awe) when God so obviously and quickly answers our prayers, like he did when you prayed about your daughter reading. It's like getting a hug from Him. You know He's listening. Awesome.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog today, Heidi. I'm glad you've found Emily's Tuesdays Unwrapped post…I love them. I'm sorry to hear of your son Matthew and your other babies in heaven. I read your posts about them. I too have sisters who share this with me. Isn't that weird? My sis in law Deb gave birth to Earl in 1992 at 29 weeks–born still. My sis Kerry lost her sweet Sadie in April 2009–full-term but born still. She is buried next to my Aidan. God is faithful though–and each of us has healed. How blessed we are that Jesus walks with us through the good times and bad.

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