gratitude day 3… waiting

I’m only three days in to Brenda‘s gratitude challenge for the month of November… but I have to say… I’m loving this challenge!  A BIG shout-out to Brenda for hosting this blog meme!  I’ve been challenged to develop an attitude of gratitude in so many areas of my life.

We wait in hope for the LORD;
He is our help and our shield.
Psalm 33:20

Today, I am truly grateful for waiting on the LORD.  Honestly, this is a new lesson learned for me and I haven’t mastered it yet in any sense of the word.  I’ve always associated waiting as another form of torture… the longer the wait, the longer the agony and the more I would run around acting as if I were doing something to help the situation.  

Slowly, I’m learning that waiting is not necessarily torture.  In fact, I’m finding some peace and joy in the journey of waiting (who knew?).  He is faithful teaching me that waiting can be…

peaceful as I recognize my need to acknowledge that He has EVERYTHING under control.  
restful as I remove my desire to try to fix the situation… and, instead, trust in One big enough to create the universe and beyond
…joyful as I realize that I am neither frustrated nor tired at the situation… but, instead, I am praying more, trusting more and hoping more which makes me a much better person to be around.

So, today, I am very grateful for waiting and for the lessons it teaches my heart and changes my life.

I am equally grateful to all who have upheld Chad and I in prayer.  Chad had his annual heart CT yesterday and no one freaked out and prohibited him from getting up and walking out.  However, that is all we know.  We are in the waiting stage.  Chad has his annual appointment with the cardio-thoractic surgeon next week and we will then be told what the CT showed as far as his aneurysm.   

I believe from the bottom of my heart that the peace and joy in the journey and the willingness of my heart to learn the lesson of waiting is because of the prayers that have been offered up on our behalf.  Thank you!!

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3 thoughts on “gratitude day 3… waiting

  1. What a beautiful post! Waiting is definitely hard for me. I've learned that I can't rush things, but it doesn't stop me from trying out of habit. I need to wait and rest more!

  2. I love yours posts. They are like devotionals. Praying for Chad and you.

  3. Great post and reminder. I'm learning more patience the older I get. I know everything is in the Lord's timing…He likes to remind in sometimes subtle and sometimes not so subtle ways, that HE is in control and to keep my nose out of it 😀

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