Gratitude challenge day 4… internet

Today my post is a lot less spiritual and a whole lot more practical… 

In keeping with Brenda‘s 30 day Gratitude Challenge, today I am so very thankful for internet.   I often take things for granted until they are taken away and then I am sooooo very sorry I wasn’t more grateful!  

I got home late last night from Bible study to see a note on our kitchen counter with our Sprint Broadband card sitting on top of the note…


ouch!  Not use the internet?!?  I’m always using the internet… and apparently I use it a bit too much. ; ) 

So, I’m logging in from McDonald’s on this gray day to say I am so grateful for internet and tomorrow when our month’s data allotment starts over, I will be very grateful for internet at home again.

9 thoughts on “Gratitude challenge day 4… internet

  1. Oh, Heidi, we do take these luxuries for granted, don't we? It's amazing how much I rely on access to the internet. Glad you're able to share from McDonald's and thankful to be thankful with you! 🙂

  2. I totally understand where you are coming from as far as internet being a huge blessing. My computer died and didn't have access for four days until we decided to get another computer. WOW! It's amazing how often you use this, especially as a homeschool mom.. 🙂

  3. I am so reliant on the internet. I love that I can do an hourly drive by and check in, so to speak. Almost all of my true friends, and much of my family are so far away – but with a few clicks, we're always connected. It's amazing how much it has changed my life. I'm glad you "reset" tomorrow!

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