Gratitude challenge day 9… dead batteries…

On this ninth day of Brenda‘s gratitude challenge, I am grateful for a dead truck battery… actually more correctly, two dead truck batteries.

I’m actually smiling as I type this because I know this isn’t your typical gratitude post.  ; )  But, I am truly grateful for this little inconvenience this morning.

We were up and at ’em early this morning to drive an hour for Ellen’s follow-up neurology appointment (you can read about this journey herehereherehere, and here).  Today’s appointment was simply a “follow-up” appointment and one of three appointments this week with specialists… two of which require the hour drive to Ft Wayne.   Needless to say, this appointment was on the bottom of the barrel for me this week.

Apparently, it was too cold for the diesel to start this morning, so Chad plugged it in and took my Yukon to work.  Not a problem… I figured I would drive the 3 miles to his work and swap out trucks and be on my way.  Whhhrrrr……. wrrrrrrrrrr………. wrrrr……. wrr….. wr…..  was all I got from the diesel this morning.  The second time, less than that.  Two batteries in this truck… two batteries mostly dead in this truck…. and one happy momma!

One happy momma because I was gifted another day at home.  Another day to HOME school rather than truck school.  Another day to get caught up on the subjects (like Excellence in Writing, Greek, Bible, NaNoWriMo) that often take more time and materials than can easily fit into a backpack.  

The greatest gift of today is that I CAN’T go anywhere… even if I wanted to.  Instead, we all walked back into the house and started school.  When everyone is finished with science and math, we will gather around the table to pray, read God’s Word and study some Greek.  Later, we will watch Mr. Pudwa on DVD and laugh at his antics and learn writing skills at the same time.  We will eat lunch without spending a small fortune eating out and Eric and Emily will have some quality time to work on their stories for NaNoWriMo.  

Thanks LORD for a couple of dead batteries.

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9 thoughts on “Gratitude challenge day 9… dead batteries…

  1. I love your attitude!!!I love the opportunity to stay HOME. Praying you have a blessed day.Hugs,Cheryl

  2. My favorite day is one in which I do not have anywhere to go and we get all our school done. So happy that you have the opportunity to be together and working for the day.Hope the truck batteries are fixed soon though.

  3. so much for the jolly rancher popsicle. . .Glad you get another day at home. . .Glad that Em and Eric are doing the Nawhatever. . .It was such a good thing for Drew last year. He wasn't interested this year. I really don't have a ton of bags that were sent. But there are a couple that if they are leftover I will let you know. I will probably be placing an order online and you can tack yours on to save shipping.

  4. I'm glad you got to stay home today. Sometimes it feels good to just have a day to recover and spend the way you know it needs to be spent.

  5. Love how you turned this around, Heidi! And, how blessed you are that your husband only works 3 miles away. Wow.

  6. Home IS where the heart is!! Glad you're enjoying your day! Blessings and hugs! (I think we are neighbors!!!):-))

  7. Love it! It's interesting how prayers get answered in unexpected ways. Glad that you are able to spend the day at home. 🙂

  8. I completely understand about not wanting to leave the house again. Staying home to homeschool can be a wonderful blessing, can't it? 🙂

  9. I am a little envious. I was all over the place today. I'm glad you had a day in, and enjoyed it!

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