a hard question…

So, how many children do you have?

ah.. um… well, 3, I guess….

Seriously?!  What mother can not answer a simple question… how many children do you have?  One would think any mother would know how many mouths she feeds… noses she wipes… bodies she bathes.  A simple answer for a simple question… right?   A simple question, but, not necessarily a simple answer.

If I answered truthfully, I would say I have 7 children… but, sometimes, the truth is harder than a lie.  If I answer truthfully and someone starts counting, they would only see 3 E’s… Eric, Emily and Ellen.  Then the harder question comes… where are your other children?

Do I want to explain?  Is it worth it?  What will be their reaction be?  Will I make them uncomfortable?  Do I even go there?  Is it worth sharing my heart to a stranger?… not usually… and so the hard question now has a standard answer…

I have 3 kids!

… not the total truth but not a total lie either.  I do have 3 kids.  I also have 4 more in heaven… for a total of 7 lives that have changed my heart… seven times of hoping and dreaming… seven sets of footprints embedded in my soul.  Four lives I’ve yet to see and three that I watch daily.  

I think I need a new answer to this question that is really not so hard… 

7 lives for which I am extremely grateful!

** I love to stalk my sister’s blog and today I’m joining her as she links in with Jen… join in!
I’m also counting this toward my gratitude challenge with Brenda today!

13 thoughts on “a hard question…

  1. I can see where there would be times, you would just want to go with what is obvious to the eye and not let everyone see the answer of your heart.But what joy when you are reunited with all SEVEN!Blessings,Cheryl

  2. Difficult in deed. I have a baby girl waiting for me in heaven and when I am asked that question sometimes I feel like I'm cheating her by saying 1. Can't wait for that reunion! Blessings!

  3. What a poignant yet upbeat post. I can see where this would be a particularly hard question to answer. I imagine that I might handle it much as you do.I'm sure you look forward to the day you can have all seven with you in person and not just in your heart.=)

  4. Thanks for stalking Gabe, and thanks for linking up. This is one of the beauties of blogging. It's easier to approach some topics in written form. God bless you. And your seven kiddos.

  5. Heidi, it can be hard to know how to respond to those questions. I have 5 children on earth and 2 I will meet in heaven. In my heart I have 7 children as well. What a comfort to know some day I will meet those babies in heaven.

  6. sometimes it's much easier to write something than it is to say it! I have had 5 children but only have 4 'with' me now….maybe I need to rethink my answer to that question too. Thanks for sharing your story. xo

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