a moment to catch up with time…

I’m not sure if this is a Mom thing or just a thing for this mom…
…I can be doing one thing and my mind will reveal a memory long forgotten….

Tonight all five of us gathered around the TV to watch Toy Story 3 (I very well may be one of the last people in America to see Toy Story 3).  We were all enjoying it.  The kids have seen this movie and so I was watching the movie and hearing… 

here comes a good part, Mom! 
watch this, Mom!  
isn’t this funny, Mom?

In the midst of enjoying the movie and the family moment, my mind recalled my son… almost 10 years ago….  

Eric was given a belated birthday gift at church on a Sunday night and didn’t unwrap it until we got home.  As soon as his coat was off and hanging on the floor, he ripped the paper off of the package and started yelling and screaming…

I got a Buzz!
I got a Buzz!
I’ve wanted a Buzz my WHOLE life!

For a split-second, tonight, my heart froze.  I was in that memory that I haven’t recalled in a long time.  I remember Chad and I laughing out loud at his enthusiasm (little did we know then that this same enthusiasm would be transferred to other items many, many, many more times).  After that night, Buzz was rarely left behind.  Where Eric went… Buzz came along.

Tears sprung in my eyes tonight.  For a moment my heart ached for the 4 year old boy and Buzz Lightyear.  My job, though, isn’t to hold on to my kids but to prepare them for the rest of their lives.  My head knows this… occasionally, though, my heart needs a moment to catch up.  

With teary eyes, I relived that moment with the family tonight.  The kids laughed at the image of a 4 year old Eric dancing around a Buzz Lightyear… trying their best to imagine what that could have possibly looked like.  As I was attempting to paint a verbal picture for them, I caught Chad’s eye…. And, in his eye I saw that moment again and another heart that needed a moment to catch up with time.
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3 thoughts on “a moment to catch up with time…

  1. Had many of those "moments". They are very special!

  2. Hi Heidi,Thanks for visiting and following along.I love it when your heart remembers a moment like that. I really loved when my big girls were four.Ahhh…the simple times!!!:)Enjoy the day

  3. Several of the moms that I know who have watched the movie said that the movie hit a little too close to home for them. It brought back memories and made them tear up as they watched their kids grow up way too fast just as Andy grew up…While I didn't have that type of moment while watching the movie, I've had all too many of those moments at other times – bittersweet moments.

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