laughter and more…

Laughter.  I love it!  I love the deep chuckles and the doubled-over deep belly laughs.  I love laughing until I am crying and tee heeing with my friends.  I even love the occasional wheeze or snort.  I especially love hearing others laugh.  I can’t help but laugh myself when I hear other’s laugh.

When I think of doubled-over belly laughing… I think of two scenarios….  The first scene is ANY time I get together with my college friend, Ruth.  Ruth makes me laugh like no one else on this earth.  Life has us living far apart but when we get together, I always come home with my stomach achy from laughing so hard.  

The second scenario is my extended family’s Christmas.  Each year all 20+ of us get together for a few days and we set aside one night to put the kids (even the big kids) to bed early and the adults gather around yummy appetizers and stuffed stockings and have a blast!  We have a “white elephant” gift exchange with a hidden surprise…. Each person brings a white elephant type of gift that in some way represents a $25 gift card.  To say that the gift exchange gets rowdy would be a complete understatement!  Completely out of hand would be a better way to describe it!!  At the end of the evening, we all go home with a funny gift and a $25 gift card and another years worth of over-the-top memories.  

Today I am so very grateful for laughter and a day full of laughs with my man.  We spent the day driving to yet another specialist appointment and laughed on the way… while we were there… and on the way home.  Sometimes chuckling at “things that make you go–HUH?” and other times deep belly laughing over things we saw on the way.  

I love laughing days!  They fill me with joy and make me feel like my whole being is smiling.

… I’m again joining with Brenda for the Gratitude Challenge.  I also can’t stop at one thing for which I am grateful and so I’m continuing my list of 1000 gifts with Ann

#165… #180
… a beautiful 70 degree November day
… a day out with my man
… a great doctor’s visit and diagnosis
… peace and joy in the journey today
… big kids who are big enough to leave at home
… turkeys on sale this week
… praying friends and family
… Red Lobster’s Cheddar Bay biscuits
… endless shrimp!
… NEW jeans found at a garage sale for $2 today for Emme
… seeing my friend Cindy yesterday
… the joy that radiates on Cindy’s face
… a much “easier” chemo drug for Cindy
… a chance for Emme to spend the night with her friend tonight
… hunting opportunities for my boys
… a heart filed with laughing memories with Ruth and with my family!
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5 thoughts on “laughter and more…

  1. Hi, I am a new follower from the Friday Hop!Shawn

  2. Yes, Heidi! I love the laughter my children bring to my life. Whenever we're going crazy with laughter I love to grab the camera. Laughter makes everyone so beautiful, don't you think?Blessings to you, sweet friend!

  3. That sounds like a fun white elephant gift exchange. 🙂 I love it when we start laughing and can't stop – when tears stream down my cheeks – when my sides ache from laughing so much – when I can barely breath. There is something cleansing about a really good fit of laughter.

  4. A good laugh is so therapeutic! I come from a family of laugh tll you cry kind of people. It's such a gift!

  5. Sounds like fun times! I love those days when we laugh alot too. It sure is good for the soul! 🙂

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