simple pleasures…#181 and counting..

It’s Multitude Monday and day 15 of the Gratitude Challenge….  

Today I am grateful for the simple pleasures of life…

… a warm home
… 2 weeks worth of groceries in the cupboards and fridge
… down comforters
… a warm puppy lying against me when I don’t feel well
… yummy homemade chai that is cheaper than the the coffee house variety

… school days that start with prayer
… TOS products to review that teach us things we wouldn’t necessarily pursue
… learning Greek with my kids
… quiet days at home
… praise music

… clean bedrooms
… aged washer and dryer that continue to work well
… kisses goodbye and kisses hello
… encouraging emails
… prayers of saints

… good health
… mountains that turned out to be molehills… again ; )
… reading aloud
… dinner with friends
… peppermint mocha coffee creamer in hot chocolate

… daily life lessons taught me by the Master
… the thrill to teach my children at home
… the blessing to be a stay at home mom
… a man who works hard 
… that same man who still, after 16 years, comes home to me each night

… simple pleasures and some that are not so simple… #181- #205 … for each I am grateful!

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6 thoughts on “simple pleasures…#181 and counting..

  1. Love the look of your blog! Thanks for stopping by my blog and following. I am now following you too.

  2. Yes, simple pleasures forevermore, as the Psalmist writes. I'm thankful for the simple pleasure of encouraging words, like I find here on your blog. Groceries for 2 weeks – you're so organized! (I wrote a draft on Simplicity just this morning! But then saved it and decided to write on Acceptance instead.)

  3. Mmmm…Love making the coffee house stuff in the warmth of home! Thanks for sharing!

  4. The simple pleasures are often the greatest.

  5. Yes, the last one! One I take for granted so often! Then you hear the too common stories… JD

  6. Lovely list! Thanks for sharing all your thankful for today…a down comforter sounds wonderful this time of year!

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