tied with a bow of kindness…

“Apparently, I homeschool my kids but can’t count well,” Nikki giggled while gracefully reaching for 2 more place mats.  My dear friend’s contagious smile and peaceful countenance revealed that she wasn’t the least bit rattled.  Her peace put us, her guests, at ease.   

Standing in a circle in her kitchen, ten of us clasped hands and bowed heads and hearts to thank the One who has provided rich blessings for us all.  And, a four-hour meal of love, grace, peace and joy surrounded by candles, mini pumpkins, delicious food and deep friendships began with grace and was brought to a close by another time of heads bowed and hands held in corporate prayer.  

Driving home, last night, my heart was full… full of the love, grace, peace and joy that my soul indulged around Nikki’s beautifully set table.  And, today, my heart is still bulging from the feast.

I think my deep gratitude for our meal last night comes from knowing how hard she worked to get all 1o of us together.  Nikki is our pastor’s wife and she scheduled and rescheduled and rescheduled yet again a time that the elders and wives of our congregation could come together to reconnect… to strengthen bonds… to be united in prayer.

Last night was a gift wrapped in service and tied with a bow of kindness… a gift from Nikki to those of us who love her and are deeply grateful.

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7 thoughts on “tied with a bow of kindness…

  1. Brothers and sisters in the Lord are truly a GIFT from Him! I needed to hear this, as I've been a little complain-ey lately about so much church fellowship (just the work involved stresses me out sometimes). This helps me remember it's HOSPITALITY, not ENTERTAINMENT, that people are blessed by! (thanks for visiting Peter's blog! He's 14, about your son's age!)

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