Gratitude challenge day 17…

Today was one of those days… a day that totally got away from me… we all have ’em… days that begin with good intentions and end with long appointments at various offices or even longer minutes taxing our children around… or both.

So, what’s my Brenda‘s gratitude challenge post today?  What is it that I am grateful for?  What one thing made my day today?


We’ve had seasons in our family’s life where McDonald’s is a main dinner option.  However, we haven’t been in a while and today I was grateful for fries and a sandwich between appointments.  It just made the day a little bit easier and put a smile on all four of our faces.

6 thoughts on “Gratitude challenge day 17…

  1. Conveniences like that help keep little stomachs happy for us,too. We have been packing peanut butter sandwiches more often when we know we will be out, so getting to go through the drive through is an even bigger treat to the kids now.

  2. Aahh, yes, what a nice break not to have to prepare a meal once in a while…On days when I know we get to have pizza or $1 Arby sandwiches, I feel my shoulders let down as I exhale. A nice little treat for a busy mom. And a huge treat for the children!

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