God’s blessings…big and small…

It’s another day in Brenda’s gratitude challenge and today I am thankful for God’s blessings… big and small in my life.

Today, He surprised me twice in one hour…. First, I went out for lunch with some friends today after church.  At Arby’s, I ordered a sandwich and drink and then mentioned that I would like to buy a $20 gift card (for a friend who will be traveling to a funeral tomorrow).  The girl taking my order smiled and said “if you order a gift card for $20, you can have a free combo meal.”  I thanked God for picking up the tab of my lunch today. ; )

After lunch, I stopped to put gas in my truck at our Kroger gas station.  Instead of my usual $.10/gal discount, I got a $.40/gal discount!  Another surprise… a couple of free gallons of gas… thanks LORD!

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