Thank you!!

Today is the final day of Brenda‘s Gratitude Challenge.  Even though I took the weekend off from recording my gratitude for others to read, I still found myself looking at each day differently.  I was consciously searching for something for which to be grateful.  

I had asked my LORD to develop within me an attitude of gratitude.  He is so faithful!  Now my prayer is that my attitude of gratitude would continue.  Already, He is working on that area in my heart as well.  In fact, He has given me an idea for Christmas for my family that will hopefully help all 5 of us develop attitudes of gratitude.  Because my kids like to read my blog, I’ll have to wait to share the idea with you….

Today, my gratitude isn’t very original.  Already today I’ve read this very same thing on 2 other blogs and I’m sure there will be many more that follow…. So, today I’m joining in with others thanking Brenda for hosting this blogging meme…

Brenda, I appreciate your willingness to post a Gratitude Challenge every single day in the month of November and to read and comment on other blogs throughout the month.  You’ve encouraged me with your kind words and with the challenge to think of one thing each day for which I am grateful.  I’m grateful for you and the way you were used in my life.  Thank you Brenda!!

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5 thoughts on “Thank you!!

  1. This is a great post. I agree completely!

  2. This is a great post….now we can look forward to Holiday Bliss!Blessings,Cheryl

  3. I noticed your bag hanging on the hook in my closet. . .opps forgot to put it in box for Donleys. Do you want it before Cousins Christmas?

  4. I've enjoyed reading your gratitude posts this month, Heidi, and getting to know you better. Love your happy background, too. Blessings to you, sweet friend!

  5. I didn't always get a chance to post every day either but it seemed there was never a day or night that went by that I wasn't thinking of all my blessings. This challenge has been awesome. I've enjoyed reading all these blogs, even when it took hours LOL See you on the Holiday Bliss tour.

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