that handbook…

Last night, I was again looking for that parenting handbook… you know the one that we were all handed at the hospital when they placed that tiny newborn in our arms.  The book that told us exactly what to do and when to do it to ensure a perfect child. Once again, I can’t seem to find that handbook anywhere.  Oh yeah… there was no book.

Sometimes I desperately wish I had a book that was individualized to each one of my children…. something that gave me a three step process to get the first child to sleep through the night… a book that taught potty training for the second child in five easy steps… a manual on dealing with differing developmental ages of the third child… an almanac for surviving the raging hormone inferno of the teen years for all three…

…especially one on how to deal with the teen years.  I so don’t know how to do this.  One year into this and I’ve failed miserably. 

Thirteen years ago I was madly in love with a beautiful baby boy with big blue eyes.  I promised him my love and devotion and pledged to him the moon.  I was going to be the world’s best mom… we would always laugh and play because he would be the perfect boy and I would be the perfect mother (a handbook of what was coming would have been really helpful at this point…)…

Last night I called out to our Creator… the One who created me to be the mom to that blue-eyed boy.  Instead of searching for an imaginary handbook, I prayed for wisdom and strength.  Instead of looking for answers elsewhere, I asked for sweet memories to be made.  Instead of hunting for a book, I pleaded for strong bonds to hold tight through the upcoming storms.

I asked… He answered.  

He gave me a day where there was no time to look for a handbook of easy answers.  Instead, it was a day full of things to do, places to go and people to see.  In a day that could easily have been stressful and rushed, He gave me a day full of smiles, laughter and joy.  Sweet memories being made in the time it took to drive 45 minutes to a doctor’s appointment, do some Christmas shopping, eat lunch out and drive home.  

So thankful for today!

I’m even more thankful that I don’t need to search for that fictitious handbook… I can go to the Creator instead!

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2 thoughts on “that handbook…

  1. What a great post Heidi!So glad you had the day that you did!Sounds wonderful…Enjoy the day

  2. ahhh yes, we have been there too this week, but with the tween not the teens. . .a very wild emotional ride and I am ready to get off!Glad you had a good day today~

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