sledding fun…

I wish I had pictures to post of the past few days for you.  It has been almost non-stop sledding around here since Monday.  

Our house is built into the side of an embankment.  (…I can’t really say the side of a hill because in Northern Indiana there aren’t really hills… maybe some rolling knolls but we are really too flat around here to be called hilly.)  So, right outside my kitchen window is a nice sledding “hill” that gets lots of winter use.  

After five days of sledding, the sledding came to a halt yesterday.  The reason… the kids had sledded (…can sled be past tense?) all the snow off the hill.  Seriously!  There was NO snow left!  They had even tried to engineer a new sled run by loading their sleds with snow from other areas of our yard and packing it down on the hill.   While I applaud their ingenuity, their plan didn’t last long….

This morning, however, we woke to a new blanket of snow.  So, the sledding today will resume with extra kids screaming and laughing down the hill… over and over and over again!

Today will be the 6th day since Sunday that we have had someone over for some sledding fun.  Yep, every single day this week!  We go through a lot of hot chocolate and whipped cream… my dishwasher washes many a mug… my dryer gets overtime use drying all the snow clothes between trips outside… and every evening we round up boots, hats, gloves and snowpants to put them away, again, but it’s oh, so worth it!  

sledding fun last year…

I will try to remember to take some pictures of sledding fun this year between fixing hot cocoa, drying snow clothes and finding gloves…. 

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1 thought on “sledding fun…

  1. Oh what fun! We don't get much snow here. The children wanted to sled so bad that they tried going down a hill on our road, and the plastic sleds got ruined from all the friction of the pavement. That's how little snow we get! Last year we got a blizzard (for here) with 6 whole inches. woo-hoo! I remember sitting outside that day without a coat. Thanks for the pictures so I can live vicariously through you!

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