all in a days work…

This week is our annual toy drive.  This is an annual highlight for our family.  We spent long days working hard pricing and cleaning toys… as well as playing hard rollerskating around the building, laughing and sneaking lots of yummy holiday treats!

Remember this picture?  I posted this picture of our empty building on Sunday….

Here’s a picture of the same building 4200 toys later…

The number of our used toys is down considerably this year.  Last year we took in over 9000 toys.  If we were to meet or exceed that this year, we would have to take in over 4000 toys tomorrow because it is our last day to collect, clean and price toys.

We not only worked hard on toys today…

we also worked hard on wiggling and wiggling a tooth until it finally came out!

2 thoughts on “all in a days work…

  1. Wow, Heidi! This is amazing. How wonderful that you and your family do this together each year. Your are cultivating servants' hearts!And yay for winning the tooth wiggling war. 🙂

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