reflections of a quiet morning…

Adding to my Multitude Monday list of 1000 gifts…

#291 – #320

… quiet mornings to reflect
… time set aside for the kids to rest a little while longer
… a warm dog lying on my feet
… the anticipation of a new day
… the discovery of how good hot chai is with whipped cream

… an advent tree steeped in tradition
… Emmanuel~God with us
… The WORD made flesh
… learning, with my children, more of who He is
… awaiting His 2nd coming with eager hearts

… the warmth of love and companionship 
… a few minutes together early in the morning as I take my man to work
… the security in knowing that he comes home to me each day
… a man who works hard so I can take our kids to a 10 day toy event each year
… listening to my family pray together 

… children who work hard and have servant hearts
… the privilege of watching them serve others
… a tremendous toy drive
… $6,000 to buy new toys
… the thrill of hearing my children share the gospel as they hand out new toys

… an incredibly talented father
… the chance to hug my parents today before they go see my new niece
… the excitement our entire family has over the safe arrival of Audrey
… God’s goodness in the land of the living
… healthy children, nieces and nephews

… the Light of the world
… He illumines my way
… He saved me from the darkness of my sin
… He never leaves me or forsakes me
… He’s coming again!

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1 thought on “reflections of a quiet morning…

  1. Wonderful, wonderful gifts! We all have so much to be grateful for. Congratulations on your new niece Audrey — just in time for Christmas! Blessings Heidi! Happy Monday!

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