giving away Jesus…

They came this morning…. those for whom we have prayed as we cleaned, priced, sorted and sold toys last week.    

They lined up in the cold and the dark early this morning… those who thought this was all about getting a few free toys.

They waited… we prayed… uplifting them before the Throne of Grace… thanking Him for the avenue of toys and asking for opportunities to give Him away this Christmas season.

They rushed in… grateful to be in the light and out of the cold… some eager to take… others hesitant to ask.  

They took used toys while we filled their bags with new… a Barbie here, a Tonka there… but always the Gospel and a smile… “Jesus loves you! Merry Christmas!”  …giving away Jesus one bag of toys at a time.

They left… arms laden with gifts… new and used… some grateful… others begrudging… all leaving with a seed of the Gospel planted.

They represent 1289 children who will receive a new toy for Christmas this year… a day of giving away Jesus as we gave away toys.

In the prayer and in the rush, we failed to mention that we wanted Jesus to go home with them in their heart…not their pocket…. 

…we gave away Jesus today…
… because I just don’t think you can steal Jesus.
Categories faith, toy time

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