more gifts..

Many, many thoughts swimming in my head these days… wish I could find a way to put them down on paper.  

In the meantime… my list of 1000 gifts continues on this Multitude Monday

#341 ~ #360

… more cousin time
… great sister time
… ice for skating
… the opportunity to hold my new niece
… a day to acclimate and run errands before Eric goes to school tomorrow

… a great friend who took the girls this morning on very short notice
… incredible teachers who welcomed my son
… fun exploring my old high school with Eric today as we found his classes
… unexpected teachable moments 
… being mom to an incredible young man

… sunny January days
… coupons for free food
… another pair of Goodwill ice skates
… a new pillow
… great sleep!

… those who challenge me 
… a God who is a God of second chances
… answered prayer
… peace that is beyond comprehension
… rest and comfort in knowing God has a plan for each of my children

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