remembering when…

Sometimes the hardest part of the Christian walk is walking alongside a brother or sister who is going through incredibly difficult heartbreaking times… praying for them… carrying the burden as much as we can… and, yet, feeling extremely helpless.  

There is a distinct privilege in that walk though.  We all know it.  We all know that as difficult as it is… we are thrilled to have the honor of walking with those we love.  In the heat of the battle, we wouldn’t trade places with anyone else… we find ourselves right where we want to be.

Two years and 3 months ago, we were privileged to walk alongside friends as they literally walked through the fire (Isaiah 43:2) and lost their home… their clothing… their worldly possessions.  Though they are now in a brand new house built on the same location as their old farmhouse… the journey isn’t finished for them.   Through the journey their faith has deepened… our faith has heightened… our friendship strengthened.   Chad and I declare it an extreme honor to be invited to walk alongside.

Just 10 days ago, hopping from blog to blog, I found Edie at Life In Grace.  The week before Christmas, Edie’s family lost their home to a fire.  Honestly, it has been difficult for me to read Edie’s blog posts.  My heart hurts for her.  My mind remembers when… when I held Rachelle’s baby as she stood with firefighters… when late at night they were called back to the ruins because the fire had reignited… when we sifted through the ashes to salvage what we could… when load after load of laundry was washed again and again and again and the smell lingered.  I read about Edie and remembered when…

Today I’m praying peace and joy in the journey for Edie and her family.  I not only saw the devastation of the fire… I saw grace and peace and joy lived out right in front of my eyes.  I saw the real struggle of losing one’s earthly belongings but I also saw the triumph of hope in the One who created all.  I saw my friends be the body of Christ and I witnessed people’s lives changed over a pile of rubble.  

Our friends, Jerry, Rachelle and their five girls, are still journey… just as I’m sure Edie’s family will journey.  However, they are not journeying alone… Praise God we are never alone!

I was so encouraged today when I saw the post on Edie’s blog… those who are privileged to come alongside to encourage and to pray for this family…

and to wish Edie a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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3 thoughts on “remembering when…

  1. Beautifully written words that will surely warm Edie's heart. Hugs and blessings.

  2. I am so glad to have found your blog and I will be back again. I too find Edie inspiring

  3. what a blessing and encouragement. thank you for caring, for praying and for sharing in our burdens with us. we have been blessed in so many ways, even through the tragedy. your words minister grace. thank you.much love,edie

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