coffee… or not…

My sister often joins Amy for virtual coffee on Tuesdays… and each week I read her posts and think… I love this meme… but I’m not a coffee drinker….

Apparently I’m not the most robust bean in the bag either… it finally dawned on me this morning that I could join with Gabe and Amy and have my cup of chai while they have their coffee… 

So, if you were to come over for coffee this morning, I would be delighted to brew you a fresh pot (I keep a coffee maker on hand just for friends and family)… and since it’s a special morning, I’ll have my chai with whipped cream and a little nutmeg on top… yum!

While sipping all 24 ounces of yummy calories, I would tell you about the struggle of sending my almost 14 year old to school yesterday… and how the struggle was much more my struggle than his.   I would tell you that I didn’t enter homeschooling as a natural and it took me many years to feel comfortable in my role as mom and teacher.  I would also tell you that I find my kids to be incredible individuals and I love learning and adventuring with them on a daily basis.  I realized, last night, that I struggled most with missing time spent with that incredible kid who went to school for the first time yesterday.  And, if you are wondering why he’s there… I would show you this post.

If we met for coffee today, I could show this off!  And, I would offer you a clementine that is sitting in it…  IT came!!

This is the bowl that I got when I won a $20 DaySpring code from Natalie.  It’s the Ever Grateful Bowl and on the inside it says…  grateful for life’s simple joys… grateful for the gift of hope… grateful for grace and peace.  Gratitude is something I have found to be life-changing.  Our family has a family goal of finding 2011 things for which to be grateful in the year 2011 and this bowl fits right in!

I would most definitely tell you that the pretty yellow in this bowl was a big ray of sunshine in my deep funk yesterday.  As soon as I pulled it out of the FedEx box, my day was much brighter!  A huge thank you to Natalie and DaySpring again!!

If you brought your kids with you this morning, I would offer them some of my FREE hot chocolate!!  I love FREE!!  We have a new grocery store chain in town and they offered great door busters this week… not one, not two but THREE FREE things just for coming in and spending $10.  So, I went and got our weekly milk and came out with free hot chocolate, free applesauce and free spaghetti sauce.  And… to think… I wasn’t even going to bother with the flier that came in the mail….

…. I’m liking this virtual coffee thing… I’m realizing it’s been a while since I posted a chatty post… just think of all that sugar I’m consuming… 

I wish I could linger longer over my chai with you but now my 7 year old is sitting next to me reading Mercy Pig Goes For A Drive to me as I’m blogging… and now my attention to coffee is gone…

…until next time join in with Amy!

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3 thoughts on “coffee… or not…

  1. glad you joined in! The funny thing about math for Jake, he didn't make the 90% he needed to work on his own. . .he missed a whole section on multiplying negative numbers. . .maybe he doesn't know as much as he thinks he does!

  2. Oh, I'd come for coffee anytime! I can't turn it down! I recognize your daughter from these pictures! (Bright Lights, right?) I'm thinking Myra might be taking a break from it this semester, just to make sure we're not overbooking ourselves. Anyhow, fun post to read! That hot chai sure looked good!

  3. I don't do coffee, either, Heidi. But, I'd love to sip some tea with you. :)Your bowl is so lovely, and how wonderful to be looking for 2011 things to praise God for this year.

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