snow envy…

Sometimes my blog becomes my confessional… a personal place to confess struggles my heart is wrestling…  sometimes serious… sometimes not so much.

Today I am seriously struggling with snow envy.  Yep… I am envious of all the snow fall that seems to be falling all around the good ol’ US of A… including in those typically sunny and warm Southern states.  

It’s not like it hasn’t snowed in Indiana this year.  It has…. just not so much in my yard.  Last weekend, South Bend (the home of Notre Dame University, for those wondering) saw a record snowfall of 38+ inches of snow in one weekend.  Over a yard of snow!!  South Bend is northwest of us and is in much closer proximity to the Great Lake and more susceptible to the weather phenomena of “lake effect snow” … but only by about 45 miles.  You might think that 45 miles isn’t very far… I would agree… usually.  However, in this case, it was far enough.  When they got 38 inches of snow, we got 3.  

Indianapolis is south of us.  According to all of the geography rules I learned in school, we should get more snow that Indy.  Instead, Indy got 6 inches of snow last month and we got 2.

I won’t even get into the snow fall in South Carolina yesterday.  Obviously, those Southern States didn’t hear the same geography rules that I did. 

The funny thing is I really am feeling some snow envy.  As I was driving my man to work and my man-cub to school this morning, I was driving in a beautiful snow fall.  It was still dark and the snow was falling quietly around all of the street lights.  It took me a minute to realize how pretty it was and to be thankful for the little snow in my life.

Someday I may live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan… Buffalo, New York… or anywhere in Minnesota and have more than enough snow to satisfy even me.  Until then, I know I am right where I am supposed to be.  Snow envy or not.

Snow envy is just another symptom of my heart finding its satisfaction in God and nothing more, nothing less, nothing else. 

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4 thoughts on “snow envy…

  1. Heidi-yea! I have found a kindred "snow" spirit! πŸ™‚ I am the only one I know of that can't get enough snow. And, I do suppose it's because I get to stay in and look out at the prettiness of it. My ideal vacation is a cabin in the snowy woods with a fireplace, lots of coffee and cream, and some good books! I'm thinking…Alaska! πŸ™‚ The beach doesn't thrill me at all, and maybe it would be, if I'd ever spent more time there, but just makes me think of being hot and bored. πŸ™‚ ha! So…go look out your window this morning and have a great, snowy day!

  2. I admit that I find myself with snow envy, but we don't have the possibility of any snow here. We'd have to travel somewhere to even see snow. My hubby and I grew up in Michigan, so we love our snow. (Don't miss the snow or ice though. lol!)At the same time, I'm content where we are right now. It's been good for us. I just need to find complete contentment in the Lord.

  3. Don't worry, Heidi, someday you will outgrow the love for snow. But then again, your Grandma G. never did. πŸ™‚

  4. I've had a bit of snow envy myself lately. I grew up in GA, and after 11 years in Ohio I finally like snow. Leave it to me to decide that during a year where Atlanta has more on the ground than we do! My friends are posting photos of 10"+ snowfalls, and we have maybe 3". But, I'm also remembering (and seeing photos) of the icy roads that we had to deal with there. I'm realizing that not only can I still drive to the grocery if I want, but we have a great level system to tell me if I should drive to the store. It's all guesswork for them. I'm learning contentment, too. Though, if God wants to bless me with a day or two of being snowed in I wouldn't turn it down. πŸ™‚

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