gabby.. giggly… glittery?

“Heidi enjoys talking too much during class time.”

“Heidi visits frequently with her neighbors rather than doing her schoolwork.”

“Heidi has developed verbally very well.  She would do well to develop other areas.”

Those are things my teachers in school would say on my report cards.  Apparently, they thought their comments would cause me to change… or at the least, cause me to stop talking. 

Not so much.  I’ve been this way from the beginning… it’s who I am.  And, those of you who have followed for any length of time know… I have the gift of gab.  I like to think its a great gift.  Seldom am I at a loss for words… and when I am, I have the unique ability to fake it… at least until I stick my foot in my mouth.

“I can not STOP laughing!”

“THAT is SOOOO funny!”

“Stop it!  STOP IT!! Or I’m going to pee my pants!!”

Those are true to life things I have said… and said more than once.  I love to laugh!  My college best friend is the funniest woman I know.  I seriously laugh so hard when I am with Ruth that my stomach muscles are sore for days.  

I laugh when I’m with my family.  In fact, next weekend we will all get together to celebrate a belated Christmas (Audrey’s birth caused us to push Christmas back a little) and the adults will gather round after bedtime for a raucous time of fun and laughter… seriously, tears streaming down cheeks type of laughter.  Can’t wait!!

I laugh when I’m with my man.  One of the very first things that attracted me to him almost 20 years ago was his sense of humor.  He is hilarious!  And together, we love laughing with and at our kids.

“I love that! It sparkles”

“oooh! More glitter please!”

“The shinier… the better!”

Okay… this post very well could have been titled “2 truths and a lie”.  Here’s the lie.  I don’t do sparkles… I don’t do glitter… I don’t do shine.  I’m not very girly.  Haven’t ever been.  Probably never will be.  Gabbing is in my genetic makeup and so is giggling… glittering, though, skipped a generation and is all over my two girls.

Why all the talk about gabbing, giggling and glittering?   Gabby Moms!  I’ve been chosen to write reviews for Gabby Moms.  Gabby Moms is a review team for Eternal Encouragement Magazine (formerly TEACH Magazine).  Stay tuned… first review is next week!

Gabby Moms…

We Gab… We Giggle… We Glitter…

… and to quote an old MeatLoaf song… 

2 out of 3 ain’t bad!

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1 thought on “gabby.. giggly… glittery?

  1. **grin** My man has the gift of making me laugh even when I'm seriously mad/upset with him. It's a wonderful thing because I couldn't stay mad/upset with him if I wanted to. It's a great thing in a marriage. ;)I'm not a girly, girl either. I actually enjoy camping. lol!

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