… so often it’s the little things that make life sweet…

After picking up Ann’s book last week and reading it cover to cover, I’m much more cognizant of the gifts that I’ve oft overlooked.  I find myself adding to my gratitude journal many, many times a day.  

This past weekend gave me more gifts that I took time to count.  Due to the birth of the newest family member last month, we delayed our family Christmas and finally celebrated it this past weekend.  It was TOO fun!!

My list of 1000 Gifts continues…

#421 ~ #445

… a GREAT “white elephant” gift exchange
… deep belly laughs
… an incredible brother in law willing to don such an atrocious looking apparatus
… family traditions
… family fun

… a too cute nephew!
… the crazy chaos that 21 people bring
… gracious neighbors who share their sleeping space

… kids of all ages
… being on the receiving end of gratitude hugs
… incredible homemade gifts… including a doll armoire, quilts and throw blankets

… sweet baby breath
… taking turns holding her
… the smell of a freshly bathed baby
… cousins who can’t wait for their turn to hold the little one

… extended jammie time
… cousin sleep overs
… snuggles
… the thrill of just being together

… brother and brothers in law who have fun together
… a few days to catch up on each other’s lives
… the chance to be all together again

… my man who loves me enough to make it work for me to be here longer
… laughing through American Pickers with my parents
… the privilege to be the “magic cleaning fairy” who cleaned up after all those people!

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