True Treasures special offer… a Gabby Mom Review


A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that I am now a Gabby Mom. Well, actually I’ve been a mom for almost 14 years and I’ve been gabby my entire life but in November I was chosen to officially be a Gabby Mom… one who reviews for TEACH magazine.   Not only did TEACH magazine chose bloggers to be Gabby Moms and review for them, they also changed their name… TEACH Magazine is now Eternal Encouragement.  

My first assignment… True Treasures 10 Years of TEACH Magazine.  What a fun first assignment!  The best of ten years worth of TEACH magazine compiled under one cover.  This book is so much more than a homeschooling book.  It’s filled with well-written and practical advice on homemaking, godly living, marriage, parenting and homeschooling. Each article is a nugget of its own and can be read in just a few minutes.  


My favorite articles?  It’s hard to choose… here are six of my favorites (one from each section) …
      “Just Say No” by Mrs. Lorrie Flem pages 12-13
      “It’s Raining, It’s Pouring” by Mrs. Lorrie Flem pages 28-29
      “Six Things to Say to the Blessings in Your Life” by Marybeth Whalen pages 52-53
      “Getting It All Done” by Marilyn Boyer pages 64-65
      “A Real Mom’s Homeschool” by Maggie Hogan pages 82-83
      “In Search of Serenity” by Jessica Cover pages 92-93

There is so much more!  This book is a wealth of godly advice and sound wisdom for wives and moms.  Those who have gone ahead share their own life lessons with humor, insight and compassion.  

Do I think you should read this book?  Absolutely!  
Do I think you should order a copy today?  Definitely!

Would I recommend this book to moms who don’t homeschool?  Without a doubt!

True Treasures can be found at  And, because you are a …with thankful hearts… reader I have a special offer for you!!  Eternal Encouragement is offering $4 off True Treasures with coupon code “GabbyMom”.  This offer is good one time per person between now and May 31, 2011.  

If you are interested in seeing Eternal Encouragement Magazine for yourself, check this out.  The editors of the magazine offer an online free sample… and when you do, there is an instant coupon code for 10% off your subscription.  

True Treasures truly is big, beautiful and brimming with encouragement.  Thanks to the Gabby Moms for starting out with this great gift to review!

Click here to read what other Gabby Moms have had to say about True Treasures.

**disclaimer… I received this product for honest review from TEACH Magazine as part of The Gabby Moms blogging program.  All opinions expressed are solely my own.

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8 thoughts on “True Treasures special offer… a Gabby Mom Review

  1. Nice looking blog – love the photos of your family! ~Fellow Gabby Mom

  2. Hey there, my friend~You'll never know how much your encouragement has meant today~BIG HUGS!! Thanks for coming by and I love this look you've got~awesome! HOW did I miss it?? WOW~YOU GO GIRL! (We have something else in common~our boy's name!) WOOT! HUGS!!

  3. Great review Heidi! Looking forward to getting to know you through Gabby Moms, I'm following now too =)

  4. Yup, a mom and gabby! ME TOO ;)fyi, the link at for your review is broken…don't know if it's just me, but you may want to check it outfellow Gabby Mom and newest follower

  5. I love your Gabby Mom Post! I'm pleased to be your latest follower! blessings!

  6. Thanks for coming by Telln' It for Fit Mommy Fri~Woot~YOU GO on that no sugar thing! It's amazing! HUGS!!

  7. Hey, Great Review. And I love the photos on your blog. You have a gift with photography! I'm just stopping over from Gabby Moms!

  8. Thanks for stopping by, Heidi. Very nice review!~Mrs. Q (a fellow Gabby Mom)

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