MOTS anyone?

Apparently MOPS International had a very humble beginning… 8 moms met in 1973 for 2 hours while their children received care.  These moms talked, laughed, ate, had a craft and a devotional and decided it was such a great time, they would do it again… and again… and 38 or so years later, there are thousands of MOPS (Mothers of PreSchoolers) all around the globe.  

Years ago, I loved MOPS.  I was involved in 3 different MOPS groups over the years.  Each slightly different, each with incredible women and from each I took away great things to be a better woman of God, wife and mother.  I loved learning from others who were slightly further down the road than I on things like… sleeping through the night, potty training and dealing with 3 year old temper tantrums.

There comes a season for every MOPS mom when you realize that you’ve been sleeping through the night for years now and you can no longer relate to the breast vs. bottle debates.  You’ve moved on to elementary school… soccer games, sleepovers and spelling tests.  

For me, these were the golden years.  We had a blast in elementary school.  Some hard days but, overall,  so much fun… and I think it was in the fog of that fun that I missed the train barreling down the tracks aimed right at me…. The Teen Years….  individualism, attitude, disrespect.

… so yesterday I had a potentially brilliant idea… I think I may start a MOTS group.  Based on the history of MOPS, I only need a few moms to join me… I think we will talk, laugh, eat… probably no craft though… and instead of a devotional, I think an extended time of pray would be more effective.  Lots and lots of prayer for these MOTS (Mothers of TeenagerS).   Prayer for Divine wisdom, patience and prayers that our children see their next birthday.

Anyone want to join me?
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11 thoughts on “MOTS anyone?

  1. I'm in Heidi! I think it is a great idea!! When I lived in TN I had a M&M group that I started (Moms and McDonalds)! Yes, I agree – the teenage years require lots of prayer and wisdom, patience and sometimes just a sense of humor!! Keep me updated on the group! Love, love, love the idea! I probably have some girl friends that would be interested too!!

  2. Hey Heidi, I guess my comment doesn't say who this is, so it's Bonnie Phillips! I'm using Logan's account I guess to post! hahaha Teenagers are good for technology slacking moms like me!

  3. Great idea Heidi! We've just started the teen years with Andrew but I've long felt that during these "middle" years of parenting it's much harder to keep connected with friends than it was when the kids were little. Now everyone is just so busy. I think you may be on to something…

  4. I'm in the teen years for the second time (went through it with my stepdaughters a decade ago.) Wow – what I would give to have a MOTS group! I also wanted to let you know that I tagged you in a log award post today. Play along or not… I just thought you deserved a shout out for a great blog. Thanks for posting such great stuff. :)

  5. oh, what a great idea. . .is it copyrighted or can I steal the idea?Poor Drew got stuck sitting next to me at the spelling bee at school today. . .he wasn't a happy camper or a good camper, for that matter!!

  6. I think that that is an absolutely wonderful idea! I never was part of MOPS (wanted to but just never seemed to be able). I think that the teen years are way more difficult than the younger years (more taxing mentally perhaps). Great idea! So, I live in Wyoming, how far would I need to drive to be part of this? 😉 lol

  7. Haha. My oldest is just turning 11 and I am so ready to join your group. Where and what time!!!!

  8. Hahahaha! I don't have a teen yet, but I had a good laugh at this. It's a great idea!

  9. Hmmmmmm,maybe we could branch off and start one here in Montana too… email me the details 😉 hehe You will be famous! Wonderful idea 🙂

  10. This was my first year to not be in MOPS since I had my oldest. We just got too busy for it. I certainly do miss the women that became dear to me through it.I love the idea of a MOTS group. You should contact MOPS and see if they have considered it before. I am pretty sure last year they were starting one for elementary school. Also, there is an organization called Moms in Touch that has a much bigger focus on prayer. You might check that out too.

  11. I think that's an excellent idea. We're getting ready to head into the teenage years, so I love the idea of receiving wisdom from others further along in the journey as well as those currently at the same point in their journey.

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