VocabAhead…TOS Crew Review

ABASE … verb… to embarrass or shame someone else; it also means to lower yourself physically or in rank.

ZOOPHAGOUS… adjective… meat eating or carnivorous.

From A to Z…and 998 other SAT vocabulary words.

VocabAhead offers 1000 SAT Vocabulary Videos & MP3s.  Often in my home school journey, I have looked at a product and thought “If only…”… if only I had a resource like this 28 years ago when I first took the PSAT.  And then again a few years later when I actually took the ACT.

Thinking back to the 15 year old me… I would have loved to go into the PSAT and later the ACT much better equipped with knowledge of the potential vocabulary words that would appear on the examination.  Perhaps it would have quieted the butterflies a bit and settled the mind and allowed me the confidence to concentrate just a bit harder.

1000 SAT Vocabulary Videos & MP3s is exactly what it advertises to be.  There really are 1000 words with definitions.  Each DVD-ROM has both MP3 format and DVD format.  In less than 60 seconds, each word is defined with a fun comic illustration and an easy to understand voice over narration.

VocabAhead offers 1000 SAT Vocabulary Videos & MP3s through Amazon. com for $24.99.  

My opinion… this DVD-ROM is definitely worth it!  I’ll be loading it on to my kids’ own MP3s as they begin preparing for the SAT.

**disclosure… I received this product free of charge through The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Review Crew for my honest review.  I have received no other compensation.

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