the ways He heals…

Often the healing of a bruised and pummeled heart comes after the surrender… after the waving of the white flag… after the laying of it all down. 

In my experience, there can be no healing until the surrender because too much of myself is in the way.  In fact, it is my own doing that leads to a heart that aches and bleeds.  If it were not for my own flailing… floundering… thrashing, my heart would not be bruised and battered.  In fact, further investigation would reveal that the bruises, the scratches, the abrasions are on the inside of my heart… in the part of my heart where I fight against the One who created this very heart of mine.  

It’s after the surrender… after I lay it down… stop thrashing and splashing and get out of the way, that His gentle Spirit can move in and heal.  He applies warmth and light.  He soothes with words and actions of His deep love for me.  He uses all of His creation to reflect the very essence of Himself to me.

…and on the coldest morning of the season, I bask in warmth of His presence and the reflections of His light and He heals my wounded heart.

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