Last night’s headache led to a short night of sleep… and so when Ellen came in at 7:30 this morning, I gave in to PBSKids for a little more sleep.  Little did I  know that more was going on than just PBSKids…. 

When I came out at 9 a.m., my two girls were hard at work making me breakfast in bed… complete with a homemade card by Ellen and cold caffeine! 

I opted to enjoy it in the living room with them.  We all enjoyed apple pie spice French toast that Emme created and when we were done, the girls did all the dishes and wiped down the kitchen.  

I think I have the world’s most amazing 11 year old and 7 year old!!

continuing my list of gifts on this Multitude Monday….

#1125 ~ #1140

… breakfast!
… a sweet card
… a new recipe
… Emme’s kitchen abilities
… Emme’s patience with Ellen
… Ellen’s art abilities
… girls willing and able to work together
… a clean kitchen
… spending my days with such incredible young ladies

… fresh fruit in February
… the way an act of love heals life’s pains
… a spontaneous pj day
… just missing a major ice storm
… a warm dog sleeping on my feet
… having a 1 hour “breakfast delay” to our school day
… the privilege of training my girls at home

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5 thoughts on “breakfast…

  1. Oh, it is times like those that make it all worthwhile! Thank you for sharing the beautiful little note. I found you through Ann, and I enjoyed my visit here.

  2. what a nice treat. . .glad to hear someone missed me. . .

  3. I’m here from Ann’s today.First, breakfast in bed – even on a couch – what a blessing. Yay you. And of your list this is my favorite is – … a clean kitchen (no matter how fleeting the moment. No? It’s like the never ending laundry – Godspeed in your endeavors :)Reading you today has been a blessing. Thank you. God watch over you and yours

  4. and your posts make my day! i love to read your blogs that you write! this one was especially awesome and heartwarming! your girls are so sweet and kind….i guess i could say that i am jealous of the sisterly love that your girls share and wish that my daughters loved one another like that..anyhow you are blessed my friend. love you and your family! 🙂

  5. What a beautiful gesture from your girls, Heidi! You are blessed!!!

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