Gray Matter… a Tyndale review

Often, as Christians, we say that we want God to be a part of every aspect of our lives. But, do we really mean it?  What would happen if we were to go so far as allowing God to be part of our daily routine in our careers by publicly praying with others and sharing our faith openly and willingly?  Neurosurgeon Dr. David Levy did just that.

Gray Matter, written by Dr. David Levy and Joel Kilpatrick, chronicles Dr. Levy’s journey as he began asking patients “May I pray with you?”  Some patients were receptive, some were put off and some were skeptical.  With compassion and kindness, Dr. Levy began making a spiritual difference in his patient’s lives sharing prayer, forgiveness and Jesus Christ with them.  

In his book, Gray Matter, Dr. Levy takes his readers into surgery with him.  While respecting his patients’ privacy, he gives fascinating glimpses into the world of neurosurgery.  He also gives raw and sometimes painful glances into his own heart as a surgeon striving to do his best for his patients.  Interwoven throughout his book is the common thread of the power of prayer and healing through forgiveness.

Typically, I am not a medical person.  I usually leave the reading of anything remotely medical to my man or my sister… both of whom are nurses.  However, I found Dr. Levy’s book to be incredibly fascinating and easy to read.  The descriptions of his surgical procedures were neither dry nor gory but rather captivating and gripping.  I also appreciated Dr. Levy’s honesty in his own spiritual journey as he came to the place where he could say with utmost certainty “God is good.”

What would happen if we all invited God to be part of our daily routine?  We could all make a difference the way Dr. David Levy has as he asks each of his patients, “May I pray with you?”

Gray Matter will be released in March 2011 through Tyndale Publishing.  

**disclaimer… I was given a copy of Gray Matter through my affiliation with the Tyndale Blog Network for my honest review.  I received no other compensation. 

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