{virtual} hot chocolate

It’s virtual coffee day over at Amy‘s and on this snowy late February day, I can think of nothing better to do than to meet virtually over coffee… or in my case… hot chocolate.

Isn’t it amazing how conversations usually start with the weather?

this was the view out my kitchen window yesterday morning and what started out as ice and freezing rain quickly changed to this…

and then to this…

and then to this…

and the end result… about 6 inches of new snow on top of a little ice.  I have to be honest… I like it!  I like the snow and I like having my boy home with me for a snow day today.  While I did enjoy the beautiful spring temps last week, I really wasn’t quite ready for winter to be over in the middle of February.  So, I’m thankful for another beautiful snowfall!

The last time I joined in for Virtual Coffee, I was drinking a HUGE hot chai with LOTS of whipped cream.  Here’s a refresher picture…

Look at that!!  That is a CRAZY amount of sugar!!  The day after my last virtual coffee, I dumped my chai down the drain after one sip and committed to consuming drastically less amounts of sugar.  My sugars today include anything God made to be sweet… I use honey, maple syrup, stevia and raw sugar instead of the ultra cheap white sugar. In fact, my new fave drink is hot cocoa made with unsweetened cocoa powder and stevia with a little milk.  Yummmm!  I haven’t lost a ton of weight going without refined sugar but I am finding that I feel better.

I would also have to tell you that I think I’m a little too attached to my macbook.  This morning my trackpad wasn’t exactly working well and I almost FREAKED out!  Well, not quite that bad but I still managed to brave the snow this morning to take it to my local mac Pro named David (remember my extremely amazing photographer, Marah?  Well, it’s her man, David, that is equally amazing with all things Apple related) for some assistance.  I probably need a new trackpad… yikes!  But, for now, he’s got it working again and I am abundantly thankful!!  

If we were really sitting together over our hot drinks, I would ask your opinion on a blog post series that I’m considering.  I’ve been mulling words over in my mind for a couple of months and can’t seem to find cohesiveness just yet.  Sometimes I just need to think things out loud before they come together….

Well, I probably better wrap up this coffee visit… it’s almost lunch time and I need to feed the 3 Es before I go to see the nurse practitioner.  Remember this post?  Well, I’ve decided it’s about time to do something about it… not really looking forward to the visit but hoping for some resolution.

until next time….

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8 thoughts on “{virtual} hot chocolate

  1. i love the changing headers on your blog. do you just do those in picaso or photoshop or what program do you use? i usually find a way to throw mine together but yours is lined up so perfectly…

  2. so … what's the blog series? weather is a universal way to judge the attitude of folks and is such a huge role in our lives! no snow here but i do like your positive outlook! visiting for virtual coffee. Stop by for Tea on Tuesday — http://www.greyumbrella.com — if you feel like it!

  3. I decide about a year or so ago that we were going to go as natural as possible with our foods. Simple ingredients, lots of homemade things. I also haven't lost weight from the transition, but I feel lighter. You know what I mean? And, the nice thing is that my husband has fewer stomach aches than he used to. He tried a few Doritos at lunch the other day and deemed them gross (this coming from a guy who could polish them off in one sitting).Thanks for the hot chocolate!

  4. Beautiful pictures. So nice to hear I am not the only one who is loving the snow. Having my son home made my day, too.I hope to hear about the blog series soon. I enjoy your writing and would love to read a series from you.

  5. Good luck forgoing the sugar! I know it can be uber hard sometimes. But yeah, echoing Christi…what's this blog post series?

  6. the snow always looks pretty when it;s not in my yard! we have had our fair share an di am pretty sick of it this year..but i'm not rushing too much, spring will be here soon enough then i will be complaining about the heat!:) thanks for joining in for coffe…or hot chocolate!

  7. I've been wondering about this whole getting rid of refined sugar thing. Kind of tossing the idea around but have no idea how I would go about it. I'm a baking fool and it would definitely take some reprogramming in my mind.I am, by the way, ready for the milder temps. Have to admit I'm glad to not have the 6 inches here!

  8. I'm with ya on the snow days. Sometimes mother nature just knows when we need a break and then she blesses us with days like that. So you snuggle and chillout with the munchkins.Hope you enjoyed the day. 🙂

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