transitioning…things I should have said…

One of the hardest parts of putting Eric into public school… at least for me… was knowing what I should choose to tell him about school and recognizing what didn’t matter.  For the weeks before he started, my mind raced with…

I should tell him this…

Does this matter? Should I tell him about this…

Oh, I can’t forget to mention this…

Well, now that we are 8 weeks into this journey, I can confidently say… I didn’t choose my words well.  There were things I definitely should have said and there were things (such as the importance of #2 pencils) that weren’t worth mentioning.  So, here’s my…

Top 10 Things I Should Have Told Him

1) Remember Whose you are….  I started saying this to him periodically in the last few weeks.  I wish I would have started each of his days at school off with this reminder… You belong to Jesus!

2) Know now that there are “unwritten rules” that you are just going to have to learn as you go… such as… 

3) You can’t take a test out of the room… funny now, not very funny to him then.  Poor kid comes home one day in a rotten mood.  After much cajoling, we got the root of the issue… he had an algebra test and at the end of the class time the teacher said “those of you who aren’t finished can finish during study hall.”  So, Eric filed out of the room with the rest of the students.  Several hours later, he showed back up to finish the test and the teacher met him at the door… “where IS your test?” she demanded.  “Right here” as he pulled it out of his book.  Oops… blessedly, his teacher had a moment of grace and allowed him to finish the test.  Though he felt badly about disappointing his teacher… it was a good lesson learned. 

4) It’s cool to be homeschooled.  This is one I didn’t know but apparently the second day of school a kid said to Eric, “You really were homeschooled?  You must be REALLY smart!”

5) Don’t worry about deadlines, they don’t mean anything…. this is one I’ve really struggled with because I’m wondering what the school system is teaching this generation.  Every single teacher not only accepts late assignments.. they also ask for them… repeatedly.  

6) If you return permission slips, you get an A+…. see #5… blows my mind that he got an A+  for doing what he was assigned to do.

7) It may be a legitimate burn on your neck, but no one will believe you when they ask you where you got that hickey… and yes, you can ask me the definition of any word you hear at school.

8) With only one vehicle in our family, make sure you don’t forget anything… such as your swimsuit on a pool day for PE.  The bigger lesson… as long as you didn’t have to swim naked or borrow a Speedo, it really isn’t a big deal and doesn’t make for a horrible, rotten, no good, very bad day.  Be thankful for “loaner” shorts!

9) It’s okay to talk to your teachers… that is why they are there.  Be bold.  Be willing to communicate and for heaven’s sake, if you are called into a test you are not signed up for, feel free to speak up rather than endure the test!

10) most importantly… above all else… in all that you do, all that you face, all that you hear, all that you see, all that you say, all that you learn… REMEMBER WHOSE YOU ARE!!
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2 thoughts on “transitioning…things I should have said…

  1. "Remember Whose you are…."Wise words for everyone.

  2. Oh my. #2 seems to apply to all of life, huh? Good lesson. #4 is surprising! And obviously you've got your priorities in order, considering # 1 and #10. I SO appreciate this series you're doing, Heidi. Keep remembering Romans 8:28!! Love you, friend.

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