celebrating a life…

**I must say… today was one of those days I really wish I had a camera… remember the phone incident?  I have a phone again… I can call… I can text… I just don’t have a good camera anymore.  Anyway….

We have been incredibly blessed with a couple in our lives who are amazing.  They have welcomed us into their home… they have sat with our kids and sent us on dates… they have built into the lives of all five of us.  We’ve double-dated with them… worshipped with them… and gone camping with them.   They have encouraged us… prayed for us… and have never forgotten our birthdays.

Today we celebrated his birthday… celebrated 90 years of his life.  Yes, our dear friend, Don, turned 90 years old today.  This is where I wish I had pictures of his birthday party this afternoon… I promise you that you would never guess that he was born March 6, 1921.  He still plays dodgeball with my kids!!

Don flew P-41s and P-50s at the end of WW2.  He found himself in Iwo Jima on his 21st birthday.  It was in Iwo Jima that his mother’s prayers were answered and he found Jesus Christ.  He’s never looked back.  Instead, he’s become a life-long student of God’s Word.  He knows the Word better than anyone I’ve ever had the opportunity to meet.

I’ve been privileged to know Don, and his wife, Terry, for only 5 years but in those five years, I have been blessed beyond measure… blessed because this incredible man of God prays for me… for my man… for our kids.  He prays often for us and he encourages me much in my ministry with the children at church.  

Today we celebrated the life of Don… and I was reminded anew of how blessed we are to know and love him.

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