the gift of friendship…

This past weekend, I have been struck with how blessed I am in the area of friendships… seriously, abundantly above and beyond what I could ever have thought or imagined! 

There was a time, not so long ago, when I felt so alone.  We began our journey of homeschooling and… who knew Kindergarten would be such a difficult year?!  Alone is the only way I know of to describe that year.  

What I didn’t know then was that year was a year that God was using to work on me… to teach me that I need to rely on Him and Him alone.  He stripped off friendships and relationships to bring me back to Him.  Painful, yes… worth it, most definitely!!

My dear friend, Julie, often reminds me that the blessings come after the obedience.  Such truth!  After surrendering my will to His, He began to replace those friendships that He had to strip off.

And, He didn’t just replace… He multiplied!  This weekend as I responded to the birthday wishes I had on facebook, I was humbled.  I am blessed with the people He has placed in my life and the friendships He’s given me!

Today, I join Ann in counting 1000 gifts of grace for Multitude Monday and I’m giving thanks for how He’s changed my life and gifted me with a multitude of friends and deep and abiding friendships…


… for one best friend that hasn’t left me after 17 years of marriage
… for a marriage that is a deep friendship
… that he calls me his best friend
… and that I call him mine
… and that this thing called marriage just keeps getting better and better

… for a man who takes a day off of work just to spend it with me
… for time slowed 
… and hand in hand strolls
… for sharing honest pain
… and deep laughter

… for 2 little sisters who grew up to be incredible friends
… for the friendship of cousins
… for family kindred spirits
… for a family that laughs together
… and cries together

… for parents who parented first and became friends because of it
… for brothers in law who choose to be friends
… for any excuse to get together
… for the gift of peace and joy at family gatherings
… for healed relationships

… for friendships that have stood the test of time
… for facebook reconnecting old friends
… for conversations that occur once or twice a year and pick up right where they left off
… for traditional birthday phone calls from Nebraska to Indiana
… for a mirad of birthday greetings

… for friends who give up a girls day out so that I could go with my man
… for my friend, Anne, willing to keep my kids and homeschool them for the day
… for Anne’s family and spending all day yesterday with them
… for the friendship between her man and mine
… for the opportunity to sneak away for coffee and 75% Goodwill sales on a Sunday afternoon

… for the Spirit’s reminder that friendship is precious
… for the abundant blessings of friends and neighbors in this journey called Life
… for friends who speak Truth into my life
… for those willing to sharpen me as Proverbs 27:17 suggests
… for the gift of many friendships

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13 thoughts on “the gift of friendship…

  1. This may sound odd, but did you just leave me a comment on my post "endometriosis a blessing?!? "? I have been in search of anyone who has it and to hear their story and their journey. If you are – would you consider telling me your story? eliam05 (at) yahoo (dot) com. Thank you for the list – friendships and the blessing that it brings is amazing. God knew our craving for that – I can only imagine what it will be like being able to be able to physically be friends with Jesus some day.

  2. I finally finished the book…read the secobd half in about an hour.Cried for Julie when I read the chapter on trust…sent her a copy and told her to startat that chapter.Thanks for the book and your words and most especially your friendship!

  3. what a list! i especially love the one baout conversations picking up right where you left off… that speaks true friendship to me. let the blessings overflow! (and happy birthday!)

  4. I heart Mondays nowadays, and I’m here from Ann’s. First – happy belated birtdhday!! And second, my favorite from your list today is … for any excuse to get together (because I heart when we’re so close to someone that we do this) God Bless and keep you and yours

  5. Friends are one of God's most precious gifts to us in this life…love your list!

  6. You did ir again . . . eyes seem to be leaking! 🙂 Love you!

  7. Happy Birthday, Heidi! How wonderful that God has blessed you with such special friends. And how wonderful to see your Papa's sweet words here again.

  8. You are so right — the gift of friendship is such a rich and valuable gift. There have been times I've taken them for granted. Thank you for the reminder today of how precious they can be. All that you said about friends today — I hope I can BE that kind of friend to someone else! Thank you for your list! It was a blessing to have been here!

  9. What a beautiful list. I'm here from Ann's and I'm so glad I 'happened' to click over here. 🙂 Have a great week!

  10. I join you in giving thanks for friendship! I could relate to your story in many ways. God made me wait what felt like a long time for true friends in our fellowship. Looking back I can see that He wanted to grow me up in Him first and make sure He was my best friend before He gifted me with any other friends.

  11. this post made me smile :)

  12. I love your list. It's funny the times I often feel most alone in the world, I am actually the closest to God the Father.I am a new follower, please stop by and consider returning the favor. All for His glory!

  13. Can I just say that the Spirit DID remind me this week of an important friendship that I was slipping!! I love when He does that:)I am here from Ann's and thankyou for sharing this wonderful list!

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