Zeezok… TOS Crew Review

…. these are a few of our favorite things…
     great homeschool products
     curriculum that I can use with both girls (6th grade and 2nd grade)
    brand spankin’ new resources
    and American Girls

Life gets even sweeter when you combine all of those favorite things into one!  Zeezok Publishing has put out some incredible z-guides to the movies… movie review guides that can be used as a short unit study.  The girls and I had the opportunity to review the Kit Kittredge z-guide to the movies which sells for $12.99.  

I am impressed that the z-guide to the movies included much more than a synopsis to the Kit Kittredge movie.  The people at Zeezok have complied an entire unit study with critical thinking, creative writing, hands-on activities and some great family discussion with moral and philosophical dilemmas and questions.  

Working through the z guide to the movies also requires much more from the student than just a few hours of movie watching.  In the Kit Kittredge guide, there is much for us to research about the Great Depression, fashion styles of the times and government work programs that were created.  

For a mom that loves great home school products that take us out of the “box” of workbooks, text books and work sheets… and for girls who love their American Girls… this z guide to the movies is win win!  

So, what does a home school mom do when her child asks “can we watch a movie today?”  

“Of course! … if you watch Kit again…  and, while you are watching, why don’t you help me review this new product?”

Thanks Zeezok!

**disclaimer I received this product free of charge for my honest review.  I received no other compensation.

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2 thoughts on “Zeezok… TOS Crew Review

  1. Okay…this picture of your daughter is absolutely adorable! Sounds like fun curriculum!

  2. That picture is great! My daughter had so much fun with this product. We got to review the Kit one as well. My daughter's best friend (who also homeschools) has decided that she wants to start homeschooling with us. lol!

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