…so I just have to share…

… in response to my last post… the one that shows some of my messy, ugly, stuff… I just had to share this…

Waking up with a self-inflicted wounded heart this morning caused me to pray this..
“LORD, show me the other side… show me his side so that I can see more clearly.  I don’t want this to be all about me and how hurt I am.  I don’t want to dwell on my needs not being met.  Please show me what I need to work on to meet his needs… to love him better… to respect and treasure the one that has lived with me all these many years.”… or something very close to that…

Know what?  My God is a God even of the internet!  I love that He finds me surfing around and uses godly women to point me to Him.  He is THAT amazing!

Check out what He had me read today…

my real life friend, Kari, must have had a bird’s eye view of my heart this morning…

my sister’s gratitude list … reading her words, her godly words reminding me that my hope is in One bigger than all of this and that I can lean wholly on Jesus’ name.  It also does my heart good to know that I am not alone in my struggles.

my favorite learn much from one wiser than I blogger, Lysa, whose post today made me laugh and cry… laughing at her day yesterday with her dogs… crying because I so often am the one that “tee-tees” on my man all because of my own selfishness.

…so I just had to share…

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1 thought on “…so I just have to share…

  1. So glad my heart's cry met your heart's cry. I wake up most days weak and struggling to see truth. So many days I don't share, because I feel I have nothing "good" to share–many days because I am going through something and feel I have nothing to offer. Glad God led me today to offer up a prayer to Him for help-publicly. Glad I can be authentic and praising God for His grace to use my cry for help to minister somehow to you. He is good!

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