on a rainy Monday morning…

On a slow, rainy Monday morning, I’m counting again… counting gifts of grace with Ann.  It’s in the seeing the gifts and counting the grace that a rainy Monday becomes a Multitude Monday overflowing with gratitude.

…  a safe trip to Guatemala for my man and my 11-yr old
… texts while they were driving to OHare and flying from OHare to Miami
… email that keeps us connected internationally
… His hands that are big enough to hold them there as well as holding us here
… the peace that comes in that knowledge

… friends who have invited us to their home to keep us busy
… many play dates for the 7 year old this week
… coupons for free lunch
… an incredible 14 year old who has stepped into a role of responsibility remarkably well
… his first 2 track meets this week

… learning, again, that when my man is gone, I am lost without him
… finding peace in the fact that he is my go-to guy
… the gift of time apart 
… knowing that he and Em are having the time of their lives
… the privilege of walking alongside when God given gifts are used for His glory

… a weekend full of sunshine
… spring green
… warm air
… the sound of a spring thunderstorm while we are sleeping
… dirty, tired kids at night

… recognizing the fragility of life
… offering the gift of prayer for hurting friends
… realizing, anew, that not everyone finds peace and joy in the journey
… clinging to the One who gives that peace and joy
… looking forward to the day when there is no more pain, no more tears

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2 thoughts on “on a rainy Monday morning…

  1. So glad to hear your Man and sweet Girl had a safe trip. Isn't it wonderful to be able to keep in touch across so many miles. 🙂 And, glad to hear, too, that your oldest is honoring you and the Lord with his sense of responsibility. What a blessing that is! Love and hugs, my friend!

  2. Such a wonderful list today. I'm late in getting around, but it was still wonderful to stop by and hear your heart. Glad to hear about the safe trip. What a wonderful privilege for both of them. Hope your week is a good one — filled with that peace and joy you spoke of!

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