Speekee TV… Review

Meet Speekee… an endearing bilingual puppet whose purpose in life seems to be to teach little ones Spanish.  Speekee lives in Spain and uses Spanish children in various environments such as a park, a classroom or the beach to teach Spanish using repetition, songs and visual aids.

Speekee TV is an online Spanish course for young children starring none other than Speekee himself!  Speekee stars in 10 episodes that are approximately 15 minutes in length. Each episode shows real children speaking Spanish along with animation and puppets.  As well as speaking Spanish, children who can read will see the Spanish words on the screen with the English equivalent underneath.

When Speekee TV contacted me for a review, I was thrilled to accept.  I love opportunities that provide my kids with chances to learn other languages.  After starting the first episode with Speekee in the park, my kids were less than excited.  Speekee TV is written for and targeted for young children.  The writers and producers have done a terrific job targeting a young audience.  However, Speekee TV didn’t seem to translate well to older students in my home.

Other than the age difference, I like Speekee TV.  Five to ten years ago, I would have embraced it as an easy and effortless way to teach my kids some Spanish.  Speekee TV is offered for only $7.50/month and depending on how quickly your children learn, you could go through the 10 episodes in a month or so.

If you have unlimited internet access and are looking for a Spanish curriculum for your preschoolers or early elementary students, check out Speekee TV.  

Speekee also offers DVD curriculum on their website… www.speekee.co.uk.

**disclaimer… I was given a free trial of Speekee TV for my honest review.  I received no other compensation.

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