See the Light… TOS Crew Review

Very few homeschool parents feel competent or even comfortable when it comes to teaching fine arts in their own home school.  

While we seem to be able to teach math, spelling and literature without too much of a struggle, we seldom know the correct way to teach children how to draw or even the different ways to hold a pencil to achieve different art techniques.

Thankfully, See the Light is here to help!  See the Light, Drawing Children to Him is an excellent resource that teaches children how to create as well as teaching them about their Creator.  

Meet Master Artist, Pat Knepley.  In a gentle and non-threatening way, Pat uses short video lessons to teach children how to draw.  She introduces them to basic tools of the trade and encourages children to gather simple art tools such as a kneaded eraser, a #2 pencil, colored pencils, paper, a white eraser, a soft pencil and crayons.  

Using these fundamental tools, each DVD lesson builds on the previous lesson to give students a well-rounded  elementary drawing education.

The See the Light DVD curriculum is a 9 DVD set that includes 36 individual art lessons such as It All Starts With A Line, Scale, and The Bug Jar.  

For $99, See the Light brings the art teacher into your home, thus taking the away the fear and insecurity of teaching fine arts in your home school.  

See the Light offers a free trial of their art lessons either through a DVD or through an internet video on their website at

Years ago, I realized my own inadequacies in trying to teach my children the fundamentals of drawing and art.  At that time, the Lord blessed us with our beloved, Mrs. Baker, who has taught my kids art for six years.  If it were not for Mrs. Baker, I would seriously consider purchasing this DVD set to use with my own kids and with our homeschool cooperative.  I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Pat Knepley patiently teach basic drawing technique. 

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**disclaimer… I was given See the Light for my honest review.  I received no other compensation.

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