on the day after…

On the day after our Resurrection Sunday celebrations, my gratitude list continues… counting again with friends at Ann’s blog on this Multitude Monday.

… for His resurrection which sealed my eternity
… the gift of new life
… an annual celebration to remember
… knowing my children have all placed their faith in Him
… celebrating together as a family

… knowing that the Resurrection wasn’t the end of the story
… anticipating His return for me
… learning to dress myself in His white
… preparing myself to be His bride
… His grace and mercy that change me

… family traditions that haven’t been outgrown
… recognizing that my children are growing up fast
… worship and celebration with church family
… pretty new dresses
… the joy of  answering “He is risen indeed!”

… sunshine and warm air
… the promise of May flowers after all of these April showers
… fun puddles to splash in 
… a warm bonfire and even warmer fellowship with friends
… the first ‘dogs and s’mores of the season

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