transitioning… a few final thoughts

I’ve blogged our family’s experience of transitioning from 8th grade home school to 8th grade public school in an ongoing blog series.  Here are the previous posts…

This will be the final post in this series.  We have become a family that is somewhat comfortably straddling the educational fence.  Eric has completely transitioned to public school and is doing amazingly well.  He’s running hurdles and relay teams for track, is getting ready to do the all-school mini-triathalon in May, is on the honor roll and was citizen of the month for March.  The girls continue to be home schooled and Emily’s home school opportunities took her out of the country this month.  It’s all been good… all by the grace of God!

Grace.  Undeserved merit or favor.  God is grace.  It’s His very essence.  He graces us with Himself.  He graces us with salvation for those who choose Jesus.  He graces us with forgiveness.  He graces me over and over and over again.  He’s graced me and given me grace, how much more should I grace and give grace to my brothers and sisters in Christ?

“For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required…”
Jesus Christ, quoted in Luke 12:48

Within an hour last night, two different friends at two different places both commented to me on education.  More specifically, educational choices either they have made for their own children or for educational choices that Chad and I have made for our children.  It’s funny… something as simple as teaching our children has become a very hot topic.  Not only a hot topic, but one that sometimes causes us to be insensitive, defensive and ungraceful.

Grace isn’t an easy thing to give.  If it were, it wouldn’t have as much value.  Sometimes grace is letting people say hurtful things and having the grace to love them anyway.  Sometimes grace is walking away.  And, sometimes grace is agreeing that there is no perfect educational system in this sinful world and that we are all doing what we feel God requires of us.  And, always, grace is recognizing that we all see but through a glass dimly and God gives each of us more grace that we ever will deserve.

Falling asleep last night, I was reminded anew that so often the enemy uses us to tear each other down in the name of what is “right”.  I think he finds easy topics, such as education, to use because we allow it.  We jump on our bandwagons to defend our stance and in our defense we tear each other down.  We develop a false sense of pride and self-righteousness and surround ourselves with likeminded people to build on our false pretenses.  He must seriously enjoy watching all of this.  Our enemy wants us to be self-righteous and arrogant in our personal views because when we are, he can uses us to wound one another.  When we are busy wounding each other, we are less effective in Kingdom work.  

I want to be a giver of grace.  I want to be used by my King for eternal work… things that last.  I’ve wasted too much time defending my home school decisions and arguing about which was is right, when really it doesn’t matter.  What matters?  That I am obeying my God’s direction in my life.   I love serving a God that I can not understand.  I love serving a God who directs His children differently.  I love serving a God of grace who graces me unconditionally and without end.  

And, this is the kind of grace giver I want to be.
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2 thoughts on “transitioning… a few final thoughts

  1. Love this. ..Dont we all see life through a glass dimly and yet assert that what we are seeing is the only way???Oh to be a grace giver too!

  2. I just found this series after searching for those who have gone from homeschooling to school. After 16 years of homeschooling, I am considering sending my youngest 5. Thank you for some things to think about.

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