Greek ‘n’ Stuff… a TOS Crew review

Looking back over this school year, I have had the privilege of writing 18 reviews for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Review Crew.  And, today’s review is the one I have been most looking forward to!

In September, I received a copy of Hey Andrew!  Teach Me Some Greek level 3.  I’m very grateful to author Karen Mohs and the rest of the staff at Greek ‘n’ Stuff for giving me the better part of this school year to use this curriculum and to review it.

We have had fun with Greek!  Last fall, all four of us (because Eric was still at home) would gather around the table and study our Bible lesson and then our do our Greek lesson.

Amazingly, seven year old, Ellen, kept up well.  However, when Eric went to public school in January, I opted to shelve Hey Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek!  until next fall to give Ellen a little more time to improve her reading and comprehension skills.  I am very much looking forward to completing our Greek book next year with the girls.  

Hey Andrew!  Teach Me Some Greek! is a comprehensive curriculum.  Greek ‘n’ Stuff offers worktexts, answer keys, pronunciation CDs and cassettes, and other helps to assist home school parents and teachers teach students “koine” or common Greek. The cost for the worktext for level 3 is $21.95.  Click  here to see other prices for Hey Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! level 3.  

I liked Hey Andrew!  Teach Me Some Greek!  so much that I am considering purchasing Latin’s Not So Tough for Emily, who wants to pursue a career in medicine.

Click here to read other crew member’s thoughts on Greek ‘n’ Stuff.

**disclaimer… I was sent this curriculum for my honest review because of my affiliation with TOS Review Crew.  I received no other compensation. 

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