gifts from my mom….

All weekend this post has been rattling around in my mind.  Thoughts here… snippets there.  All things that I want, perhaps even need, to say… just couldn’t figure out how the puzzle pieces all fit together into something that was lovely… thought provoking… coherent.

Maybe it’s from years of writing that I’ve learned that sometimes it’s easier to just ignore those partial thoughts and incomplete ideas. And, instead of struggling through to make sense out of the incomplete, I need to just do things and to be in the moment and hope that maybe later the thoughts will mature into beauty.

Fittingly, for Mother’s Day weekend, I wanted to write a poetic post on how incredible my mom is.  Instead, I deleted three attempts… three really, really bad attempts.  After the third try, I claimed my own Mother’s Day gift and asked for an hour and half drive to have supper with my mom… being with her and doing supper and dishes with her was infinitely better than any other gift I could have received!  

On this beautiful Multitude Monday, I’m counting the gift of my Mom and all that she has taught me… I’ve learned the greatest number of life lessons from her.  She is truly amazing and I am blessed to be her daughter!

… life is what you make it
… kindness matters
… if you want a friend you must first be a friend
… finish the job
… friends come and go but family is forever

… stand by your man
… marriage is hard work
… don’t look for the easy out
… if you can’t resolve an issue in your marriage, don’t ignore it.  Get help.
… marriage never gets easy, but it is always worth it

… choose your battles wisely
… pray all the time for your children
… parenting doesn’t ever get easy, just different
… your children will have great security if you and your spouse are a united front
… this too shall pass

… always put God first
… pray changes things
… God never fails
… don’t just read God’s Word, STUDY it
… faith isn’t just believing God can, it’s knowing He will

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8 thoughts on “gifts from my mom….

  1. well said, sister!Glad you got to see her yesterday!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Well. . . . you succeeded in making your Mom and Dad cry, again. . . . but a good cry. 🙂

  4. This is a lovely tribute to your mother. I can tell from your post that she is a wise woman.Visiting from Ann's blog.

  5. such good lessons from moms 🙂 there must be a book somewhere full of them- wonder where I can find it! blessings on you today

  6. so wonderful, thank you for sharing such a lovely list!

  7. Now there is one wise woman, for sure! Just a beautiful post today, and I'm so glad I came over to read it. Thank you for that!

  8. sounds like a wise woman! stand by your man! things don't get easier, just different!

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